Launching the ICE Professional Review Exam Guidance Pack

Are you preparing for an ICE Professional Review soon?

If you're preparing for your Spring 2017 ICE Professional Reviews, our sister site The Civil Engineering Exam has just launched its ICE Professional Review Exam Guidance Pack can help you settle any last minute nerves and provide you an insight of what to expect on the day – from both sides of the Review Table.

It has been meticulously prepared by Professional Reviewers – Mike Rogers and Peter Hallsworth and TCEE Co-Founders Tim Lai and Jonathan Han to provide you the best INDEPENDENT ADVICE to help you prepare yourself to be in the right mindset in passing your Professional Review, whether that is IEng or CEng.

It includes many pages of sample questions from Mike and Peter which you should try to prepare for, and also downloadable files such as a CPD generator.

You can also check out the sample version – it's free!

PS:  If you are aiming for the Autumn 2017 Professional Reviews, there is no better start than the present!  This guide will help you plan to be ready for six months time. You will benefit from the downloadable Professional Review Gantt Chart Generator that's included in the exam pack!

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