Interview tips

The average pass rate for the Professional Review Interview is around 75%, so you should rest assured that the odds of success are highly in your favour.

You will start your interview with a 15 minute presentation with a topic of your choice. You should choose this on a project where you have taken a significant or lead role through multiple stages of the design or construction. As you should be able to rehearse nearly every word of your presentation, it is important you practice it until flawless in delivery and timing. It should allow you to ease into your interview and feel ready for a lively discussion with your reviewers.

You should not in any way feel the interview is there to trick you or interrogate you. It should be seen as the opposite – the reviewers are there to help you pass, and where they feel your application is weaker or lacking in detail in a specific area then it is your chance to say something to satisfy them.

There will be some paper on the side should you need to sketch something to clarify a message. You might be asked to draw a bending moment diagram for something you mentioned in your presentation or report. Once again it is not there to trick you!

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