IStructE Exam Products

Here at The Structural Exam we have a wide range of IStructE Exam products designed to help you become a Chartered Engineer with the IStructE. If you are looking to become a Chartered Engineering with the ICE, see our partner site at The Civil Engineering Exam.

We are constantly updating and expanding our IStructE Exam products offering, so check back here to stay up to date and follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date. 

Our Selection of IStructE Exam Products

IStructE Knowledge Folder

A knowledge folder is key to passing the IStructE Chartered Membership Exam. We have compiled this knowledge folder to help you get the best start to your exam preparation and give you the best chance of passing the notorious exam.

Get your Knowledge Folder here: IStructE Exam Knowledge Folder 

Past Paper Packs

These past paper packs each contain three real examples of exam questions attempted by real candidates, in exam conditions. These papers are reproduced with the original marking, scoring, and feedback from TSE.

Buy your past paper packs here: IStructE Past Paper Pack 1

IStructE Exam Guidance Pack

Written by experts to help you with the planning, preparation, and writing of your IStructE Exam; this guidance pack is your must-have companion for the IStructE Exam.

See here for the product page: IStructE Exam Guidance Pack

IStructE Past Paper Marking

Our experienced marking team can give you bespoke feedback on your attempts at past papers and help you improve your technique to help you pass the notorious exam. 

Book your exam paper marking here: Exam Paper Marking