Application and Interview

There are 3 main ways you can demonstrate your capabilities in the application for the Professional Review Interview (PRI).

1) Individually Managed Route

This route involves maintaining a portfolio of your work during your first few years of work. Your progress is monitored as you work from graduation to PRI stage by writing reports and having personal develop discussions with a mentor on a quarterly basis

2) Accredited Training Scheme Route

This is very similar to the Individually Managed Route, whereby you will be managing your portfolio as you work. The difference here is instead of using the IStructE documentation, you will be using other official training schemes that companies may have with other professional bodies such as the Institution of Civil Engineers. Candidates using this route should be careful to see where the competencies and requirements between institutions align or deviate. E.g. ability with different materials.

3) Retrospectively Collated Route

If you have not kept a portfolio of your work as you went along, then this route allows you to gather what you have, and satisfy the reviewers that you have reached the final minimum requirements of the Core Objectives.

The pass rate for each of these routes at PRI are nearly identical, so you can choose whichever is most suitable for you. Typically those who do the Individually Managed Route and the Accredited Training Scheme Routes sit their PRI around 1-2 years ahead of the Retrospectively Collated Route candidates.