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With 15000 page views in January 2017, The Structural Exam ® offers companies the chance to reach a highly-focussed audience of engineers.

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Technical, Engineering, Media and Public Relations, Reviews, Commercial, Advertising, Partnership or Consulting

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Advertising Information

The Structural Exam ® offers a unique opportunity for engineering and training providers to connect with a highly focussed audience of predominantly UK, Hong Kong or Middle-East based engineers.

Advertisements should be aimed towards the age range of 25-40, degree educated and highly career-driven audience. Typically readers are graduates aspiring to become Chartered Engineers or have recently become Chartered.

Key January 2017 readership statistics:

  • 15000 page views
  • 3600 unique visitors (although many different users in one office share the same IP address, hence this number is considered an underestimate)
  • 50% of visits are from returning visitors
  • Over half of all traffic are direct (21%) or organic search engine hits (38%)
  • Average session duration 3:51. (Further average session breakdown: direct 14:04; organic search engine 6:49; referrals 4:44; social 3:01)
  • 63% of readers are UK based, next 10% of readers from Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates and India combined

These figures only cover the website.

In addition, as of the beginning of February 2017 we have 523 members in our mailing list (46% open rate), and 4361 followers on LinkedIn. We currently have 50+ registered members in our Forum.

Product or Course Review Information

Requests should be relevant to the audience demographics mentioned above. TSE site staff are happy to consider product or course reviews if we believe our audience will be interested.

Consultancy Information

We can provide quotations for specific pieces of consultancy work. This can range from engineering design to assisting companies with their training schemes.

Advisory Board Information

If you are running an engineering business and are looking to add to your main or advisory board, please get in touch.