IStructE Exam Guidance Pack

IStructE Exam Guidance Pack

We’re excited to announce the latest update to our IStructE Exam Guidance pack for the IStructE Chartered Membership Exam!

Our pack covers both sections of the exam, containing lots of tips from the authors (including an examiner), plus a worked example with examiner's feedback in the appendix.

The Structural Exam IStructE Exam Guidance Pack’ is an essential guide for how to tackle the IStructE Chartered Membership exam.

(Please ensure you are using a desktop or laptop rather than a mobile device to perform the transaction. After completing the payment you will be taken to a download page. Please make sure you have a stable internet connection so that the download (75MB) will not be interrupted.)

About the Authors

Ralph Pelly CEng MIStructE

Ralph Pelly CEng MIStructE

Written by Ralph Pelly, a Chartered Structural Engineer, this Exam Guidance Pack is an essential resource for anyone preparing to sit the IStructE Chartered Membership Exam. He was a co-founder of The Structural Exam and now runs his own structural engineering consultancy.

Bob Wilson CEng FIStructE

Bob Wilson CEng FIStructE

Bob has provided his invaluable tips and anecdotes to help readers maximise their time and energy during the exam.

After retiring from industry after a long and distinguished career in structural engineering, specialising in concrete technology, Bob continued to contribute to the IStructE as a question setter, Marking Examiner and Chief Examiner for the Chartered Member Examinations and Associate Member Examinations until his final involvement in the January 2021 exam.

Bob’s insight in the examination process has been invaluable to many candidates who he has mentored along the way. Prior to retiring he held membership and fellowships with many other engineering institutions.

What does it include?

This 132-page e-book contains in-depth guidance on every aspect of your exam answer. It will help you to:

  1. Prepare to sit the IStructE exam
  2. Format your exam answer
  3. Spend your exam time productively, enabling you to answer each section methodically and efficiently.

Tips include:

  • How to format your exam answer
  • How to interpret design constraints given in the question
  • How to develop two distinct and viable solutions
  • How to write your scheme design report
  • How to draw your scheme design sketches
  • How to make your scheme recommendation
  • How to write your client letter, including a template you can follow.
  • Decide which parts of your scheme to calculate for Section 2c
  • Drawing tips for Section 2d
  • How to write your Method Statement
  • Typical construction times for different items of work and how to produce the construction programme.
  • Other essential references for engineers to study prior to the exam.

Our appendix also contains a 40 page worked solution with annotations from the examiner plus a separate 3 pages of examiner's feedback specific to this worked solution. These would be satisfactory to generate a pass.

This guide will help you to maximise your productivity on exam day, and maximise the consistency of your answers, to give you greater confidence in your ability to obtain a pass.

To download a sample extract, please visit this page.

We recommend that you print out the guidance booklet after purchase and place it in your reference folder which you can take into the exam.

What does it NOT include?

While the information in the booklet is transferrable and usable for Question 3, the bridge question, we do not offer specific design tips for bridge superstructure, substructure and loading, as we decided to focus on Questions 1,2,4,5. We hope to include Question 3 guidance in future revisions.

Also note: The guidance in this booklet does not attempt to teach you how to become a structural engineer! There is no substitute for hard-won, real-world knowledge, but the exam tips and advice we provide can help you to demonstrate your knowledge effectively, and allow you to reach your full potential on exam day. The exam is like no other you will have taken, so effective preparation is key.

How much does it cost?

This pack is on sale for just £150, which represents a very small proportion for those taking the IStructE Chartered Membership examination.

(Please ensure you are using a desktop or laptop rather than a mobile device to perform the transaction. After completing the payment you will be taken to a download page. Please make sure you have a stable internet connection so that the download (75MB) will not be interrupted.)

Frequently Asks Questions

What quality controls do you have for your e-book?

The e-book is written by Ralph Pelly, Chartered Structural Engineer who has taken and passed his exam already, and cross-checked by Bob Wilson, a Chief Examiner for IStructE's examinations and a Marking Examiner for some decades.

We maintain a revision history in the front cover. Our information has been checked over by other Chartered Structural Engineers to ensure we deliver only good and correct information.

To ensure a high standard of English language, our e-book is written by a native English, and checked by 2 other native speakers. As part of our quality control we also ensure at least one more non-English native speaker checks that it is simple to read, flows well and is understandable.

Is there a guarantee that I will pass the exam if I buy your book?

While we try our best to give you the information to help you format your answers, it is up to you to do the necessary practise to ensure you are fully prepared for the big day.

Is the e-book relevant for the next exam?

Yes, we have checked the syllabus and requirements for the next IStructE Chartered Membership examination in March 2022. Our information is up-to-date and fully relevant.

Will you mark my practice papers?

We offer a practice paper marking service, for those who have completed a whole question and want to get personalised, independent feedback from The Structural Exam's experienced team.

Am I allowed to share the e-book with a friend or colleague?

No. Under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, you are not allowed to make a copy without the permission of the copyright holder. As the original creators, we, The Structural Exam Ltd. are the copyright holder.

Each e-book is for individual use for the person named on the side of each page of the e-book. An example of prohibited usage is one person in a company buying a copy and distributing to several other colleagues. We monitor e-book usage carefully and take legal action in cases of non-compliance.