Need help preparing for your Chartered Engineer review? Whether that is IStructE or ICE or simply want to learn more about structural engineering design, The Structural Exam is here for you.

Unless you have a PhD and many years of post-doctoral experience, if you want to become an IStructE member you have to pass their notorious 7 hour exam. The pass rate is low, typically around 35%, with failure mostly attributable to lack of exam preparation. One of the main purposes of the site is to help candidates improve their chances of success with thorough preparation.

For ICE the pass rate is significantly higher globally at 75%, but there is still a big gulf between UK and the Rest of the World. We realised that many of those outside the UK do not have access to good resources to help them prepare for their Professional Reviews, so we created this site.

We do hope every civil engineer, anywhere in the globe will benefit from this site and our services.