IStructE Past Papers Marking Service


The IStructE Chartered Member Examination is one of the most difficult, gruelling, and most importantly, unique exams you may ever have to take. Most candidates who take this exam are surprised by just how intense it is, and will attempt several IStructE past papers as part of their preparation.

We do not want anyone to fail their IStructE Exams – and for that reason we always recommend that you complete some past papers in order to understand just how difficult it is.

By popular demand we are able to offer our services in marking your past papers. Please note we are now taking Q3 bridge questions via our Bridge Engineering Q3 past paper marking service.


Why have us mark your IStructE past paper attempt?

Our marking procedures and standards were developed in conjunction with Bob Wilson, former Chief Examiner for IStructE.

Bob Wilson CEng FIStructE

Bob Wilson CEng FIStructE

Bob was our IStructE examination expert, having been a marking examiner and Chief Examiner for several years. He has set questions for the IStructE's Chartered Member Examination (including as recently as July 2017) and had an intimate understanding of the requirements to pass, and also all the different tips and tricks you should look out for. Like us, he was passionate about helping structural engineers around the world achieve their career ambitions!

What do you get with your IStructE Past Paper Marking fee?

After we receive your manuscript, we will scrutinise your work and try to mark it according to the requirements of the official IStructE exam.

In addition, you would get feedback in the form of:

  • An indicative result – Clear Pass; Marginal Pass; Marginal Fail; Clear Fail
  • annotations on your script, highlighting the good and weak points of your submissions.
  • a personalised report or email (it may contain a grade boundary, but we often find this detracts from the main message of the feedback as candidates become obsessed with the score rather than the overall performance required for an exam candidate).
  • subject areas which we feel you should study more (e.g. you might show good concept design for the superstructure, but your script may show only a little understanding of underpinning of existing buildings, or slope stabilisation)
  • If we detect that you are well short of the passing standard and are already entered as a candidate in the next sitting, we may further advise that you defer your exam for at least one season.

We aim for a 1-2 week turnaround of submission, but in peak IStructE exam revision seasons (typically May-June and November-December) this may be extended slightly. We will indicate how long it is likely to take as we receive it.

How much does it cost?

Our Practice Paper marking service is priced at £150 per question (consisting of Parts 1a, 1b, 2c, 2d and 2e).

Please note you cannot mix-and-match different papers (e.g. you cannot submit Part 1 for two different papers). Also note we cannot take Q3 bridge questions.

How do I book your services?

You can pay using a debit or credit card using the button below (all transactions are secured using 256-bit SSL encryption). After completing your transaction we email instructions on how to send us your past paper attempts, whether it is by post or by email.

Any further information?

Before you attempt any past papers, we highly suggest you purchase and read through our advice in the IStructE Exam Guidance Pack as this will highlight common reasons for failure (e.g. 2 concepts not sufficiently distinct) as well as tips to save time through various parts of the exam.

Feel free to contact us for any queries relating to the Practice Paper marking. We will be glad to help you!