We're very grateful and humbled every time someone writes in to tell us that they have found our site helpful.

Below are some of the messages we have received since starting our site:

About our website

Your site is extremely helpful!

This website has been fantastic for me so I appreciate all the input.

Hello everyone, just discovered the website and forum which is a great resource, the advice is very much appreciated…Keep up the great work!

I have gone through the descriptive database you have compiled about the Core Objectives. I found it very helpful. Thanks for creating The Structural Exam!

I’m on an in-house ICE training scheme and have sent a link to your website around to various trainees, I think your website is first rate as it gives some really useful advice, especially about Attributes and the CV section gave me food for thought yesterday while I was reading it.

About our staff and services

I have successfully passed my ICE CPR and got my Chartership. I do wish to thank Mike Rogers for all his dedicated help throughout. The mock exam service is very useful and has enabled me to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses, so that I can focus on revising the key areas before the Chartered Professional Review.

The Review Preparation Template is also very effective and helpful when it comes to revising for the Written Exercise. I kept the template with me when I was doing the real written exercise and was able to furnish my essay with reference to my own experiences in a very short time.

Thank you again!

Tim, Thanks for your great service. I may still be involved with the service [after my ICE Review]. I like the process and how it rationalizes my job.

About our Forum

You've set up a good resource here, no doubt I will be back with some more questions!

Thank you all for creating this forum!