IStructE Core Objective 3.6 – Quality Systems

The final Core Objective (if you've got this far, hooray!) includes a list which is pretty unfamiliar to many people, but it's really just a list of different methods used for following procedures which try to uphold a minimum standard of quality in the work carried out.

The most familiar one on the list is probably ISO 9001, which is the quality management standard used by many businesses to demonstrate compliance, often as a requirement for bidding for larger projects.

What you need to do to demonstrate that you have met this core objective, is to talk about your involvement in your company's quality procedures. Does your company have procedures to follow when going about your work? Chances are it does, and you can use these as examples of quality management. Things you can talk about might include:

  • Company procedures describing the method for working on a project, or project enquiry
  • Writing/managing templates used for reports, drawings etc.
  • Attending quality management meetings
  • Attending project review meetings
  • Checking of drawings, calculations, reports etc
  • Maintaining list of approved consultants/contractors
  • Your company's approach to quality management


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