Reflecting on my IStructE Professional Review Interview

I recently went for my IStructE Professional Review Interview. It seemed to go okay, and I hear back formally in the next few weeks. Here are my reflections from the day.

The Presentation

I led the initial presentation with three project sheets giving a summary of the job, relevant Core Objectives and what I learnt. I think these were helpful for me and the interviewers as a single page focus, so we didn’t need to flick back and forth through the wedge of paper I had provided for this part.

IStructE Professional Review Interview handouts

The handouts I used during my IStructE Professional Review Interview

The Questions

I posted some of the questions I can remember in the forum, but generally, it was a discussion focussed on my portfolio, going through the objectives one at a time. I knew my portfolio well and had a bank of ‘STAR’ answers to draw from linked to various projects in there, so was able to give specific examples when answering questions.

STAR technique

Image Charlene Peyton Franklin's Linkedin Post


Portfolio feedback was generally good – thorough but a bit large. If I were giving advice to others it would be to provide well-annotated quality evidence, and to be able to expand on it in your interview and give reasons for your decisions. I spent a (significant) while removing pages from reports and calculations that did not do exactly what I wanted, and I could have targeted my evidence much better from the start of the process.

Next up

Assuming I’ve passed the interview!:

  • Looking at an exam/conceptual design course to go on
  • Putting together a preparation schedule. I'm looking to do some background work now but start in earnest in January
  • Follow the schedule all the way until 5pm on 7th July 2017….


How did your IStructE Professional Review Interview go? Leave a comment here or in the forum.

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