Students – listen up!

I spent last weekend in Birmingham where I got to speak to some truly inspirational students and fresh graduates. This was the Annual Event of the Engineering Leadership Awards administered by Royal Academy of Engineering. I was fortunate enough to be an Awardee many years ago and I was talking about my experiences.

Many of the civil engineering students there had either heard about, or used, The Structural Exam but realised that it's currently geared towards those who are working. That's a fair point and I want to try to make this site as all-encompassing as I can for those in civil or structural engineering.

So as a first step, I have created a Student Zone in the Forum. Currently there are two forums there on career decisions or technical help (for those who want a bit of further explanation on engineering concepts learned at university or beyond).

If you want an extra topic, or if there is anything else on the main pages that you think should be there from a student perspective, drop us a message, and we will do our best to add them for you.

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