How to write a CV for the ICE Professional Review

The CV you submit for your ICE Professional Review will have some similarities to one you would use for a job application, but there are stylistic differences which you should be aware of.

The general rule of CV writing remains the same: You should only mention what you did and not claim for other people's work. So if your department won an award for a project you did not participate in, then you must leave it out.

Here we list some advice for the nuances you should consider for the CV for ICE Professional Review:

  • You need to write using the first person. “I wrote the tender documents” or “I persuaded the Health and Safety committee to change their policies”.
  • There is no need to put your name and contact details. This information is already part of your application form. This gives you more space to write other working information
  • Since you will be submitting a 5000 word Professional Report along with your CV, you do not need to put much information on your current role or project if it is already written in the report. You should use the CV to expand on your previous roles as there is no other opportunity to do so during the whole Review process.
  • For each previous role you should include the cost of the projects or budgets you were dealing with, and also how many people you worked with, reported to or had reporting to you. This will help the reviewers gain an understanding of how your responsibilities have developed over time.
  • If you have space then try to write a key learning or reflection for your previous positions. This will help demonstrate your ability to learn and “continuously improve”.
  • Activities outside work should only be relevant to ICE events, engineering, commercial or leadership activities. For instance, do not say you are the captain of your local football team. There are more relevant ways to demonstrate leadership for this review.

In due course we will upload a template that you can adapt for your submission.

As part of our Mock ICE Review we can provide feedback on your CV. This service will help maximise your chances of success at your Professional Review, whichever grade of membership you apply for.