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Rhys Phillips – Director (Strategy & Content) The Structural Exam

Here at The Structural Exam we are committed to helping you in your mission to become a Chartered Structural Engineer with the IStructE. To help you on your way we have written the TSE Exam Guidance Pack and offer our TSE Exam Paper Marking Service. We recently added the IStructE Past Paper Question Pack to our lineup and are delighted to introduce our latest project: The IStructE Exam Knowledge Folder

Why Do I Need a Knowledge Folder?

A knowledge folder is absolutely key to your success in the IStructE Exam. In a recent poll carried out by TSE on LinkedIn over 90% of respondents said that they had taken a knowledge folder in to the exam with them. 

The IStructE Exam is notoriously difficult. 7 hours long and testing the full range of skills of a structural engineer, making the most of the helpful information you bring with you is key. But what to bring? We know of candidate who have strolled in with nothing but a pen, pencil, and ruler. And we also know of candidates who have brought in an entire suitcase of textbooks. Neither are TSE recommended techniques!

The common approach is to put together a knowledge folder. Around 100 pages of the key information you will need in the exam. Your knowledge folder should contain sections on the following:

  • The structure of the exam.
  • Section-specific notes and information.
  • Material and product specification information.

What Does the TSE Knowledge Folder Contain?

We have put together this knowledge folder over the last few months from our combined knowledge and experience. This resource is the go-to starting point for structural engineers building their knowledge folder. 

We have included expert information that will be your companion throughout the exam. The contents of the knowledge folder contain information on:

  • How to pick your question
  • How to manage your time
  • How to structure your initial thoughts
  • How to size initial members
  • How to write the letter (Section 1b)
  • How to format design calculations
  • A wind loading trick you may not know…
  • How to include notes in your drawings
  • Drawing tips for Section 2d
  • How to ace section 2e
  • Where candidates lose marks and how to avoid common mistakes
  • And many, many more…

Simply put, the TSE Knowledge Folder is the best online resource to start your IStructE Exam preparations with – you won't want to go in to the exam without it!

Why Do I Need This?

The Chartership journey is a lonely process at times and it can be hard to know whether you're on the right track. Add in to that the very low pass rates (typically 25% – 35%) and it is easy to be disheartened. This folder of knowledge, that most engineers spend years compiling, is the best head start you can give yourself in your exam preparations. 

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