Past Paper Pack Launched!

Rhys Phillips – Director (Strategy & Content) The Structural Exam

Here at The Structural Exam we are committed to helping you in your mission to become a Chartered Structural Engineer with the IStructE. To help you on your way we have written the TSE Exam Guidance Pack and offer our TSE Exam Paper Marking Service and we are excited to announce the launch of our newest product offering – the IStructE Past Paper Question Pack!

What it includes

We have been asked many times over the years by candidates for example answers and worked solutions, so we've collated three different past papers and packaged them together to show you what it takes to pass the notorious exam.

Each paper was sat by a real prospective candidate, under exam conditions, and contains the feedback and marking provided by TSE. These are real attempts by real engineers like you in their journey to Chartership.

Why do I need this?

The Chartership journey is a lonely process at times and it can be hard to know whether you're on the right track. Add in to that the very low pass rates (typically 25% – 35%) and it is easy to be disheartened. This set of marked past papers will show you the level of detail, organisation, and the structure of an answer that passes the required standard for the hardest exam you will ever take.

Interested? Head over to the product page to find our more

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