IStructE allowing AM or CM examination sittings before Interview

Announced yesterday, all (graduate or Associate) members are now allowed to sit the relevant IStructE exam prior to passing the Professional Review Interview. This is one of the most significant changes to the membership procedure in recent IStructE history. It has not been confirmed how this affects those following the Mutual Recognition Route, but logically speaking it should not make a difference as it only exempts applicants from the Professional Review Interview.

The Structural Exam IStructE Exam Guidance Pack front cover

If you do plan to sit the exam prior to applying for interview, then we recommend purchasing our IStructE Exam Guidance Pack, written by Ralph Pelly CEng MIStructE and former Chief Examiner Bob Wilson CEng FIStructE, to maximise your preparation and understand tips and tricks behind the exam. as well as checking our must-buy items in preparation for the exam.

With the potential for more candidates to sit the exam, this may potentially cause a step change in the pass rates, but it will require a few exam sittings to fully realise its impact.

2 Comments on IStructE allowing AM or CM examination sittings before Interview

  1. Why has this been introduced? It can’t be to increase revenue flow. is it?
    Where’s the filter to delay someone clearly unsuited to the qualification wasting their time? Unless the institution will be taking a proof of the pudding is in the eating approach….that devalues the interview even further.

    • I don’t think they will ever admit to it being decided on revenue grounds, even if the reverse is true. It might be very interesting to see how it changes though. But I don’t think the interview is devalued if you still cannot be elected to the relevant grade of membership without passing it.

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