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Our post today is written by Peter Hallsworth, CEng FICE. Contributor for The Structural Exam.

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Eur Ing Peter Hallsworth BEng DipTE CEng FICE FCInstCES MIHT MAManE

Peter is a Member of the Institution Council and serves on several panels including the Professional Reviews Panel and the Fellowship Panel.

Peter became a Chartered Engineer in 1975 and undertook his first Professional Review in 1982. His early reviews were paper based with all the forms completed by hand. Since then he has undertaken just shy of 500 reviews of all kinds from Technician through to Fellow. He has been also running a Written Exercise Group based in Manchester and online for ten years, with several participants winning prizes every year.

Quality checking of ICE Results

The Professional Reviews Panel formally approved this year's Autumn results on Thursday 1st December and they were issued to everyone the day after. But what happens to check the quality after your Interview?

Obviously the two Reviewers themselves are the key players and there is training for Reviewers and audits to make sure that they have thoroughly read the submissions and act ‘professionally'.

The two Reviewers make their decision on the day and then complete the assessment form against the Nine Attributes and written exercise. The Standards Panel then check the evidence for every failed candidate and at least 10% of the passes.

Examples of things that get referred back are Reviewers who just write “satisfactory” against an Attribute which offers absolutely no evidence to the Panel! There is then a backward and forward dialogue between the Standards Panel and the reviewers to agree the final forms and the detailed letter to failed candidates.

Appealing your Result

If you are thinking of appealing your result, you will have 2 months to do so from the date of receiving your letter. The ICE have a page for appeal guidance here.

Appeals have a very, very low rate of success. Remember that appeals check the process, but not the decision. Therefore in nearly every case the reviewers' result stands.

Here are some examples of things where you might have a case for appeal:

  • If there is a fire alarm during the review that disturbs your concentration.
  • If your Review lasted 15 minutes less than it should have done.
  • If the Reviewers have called in the wrong candidate (e.g. the review should have been for Joe Bloggs instead of A.N.Other)
  • If your Reviewer constantly talked throughout your review, and did not give you the chance to speak.

Nearly all claims are from candidates disagreeing with what the Reviewers have written in the feedback letter. This will almost certainly not succeed.

So it's congratulations from me to everyone who passed, and advice is here at The Structural Exam and at the ICE for those who were unsuccessful this time round.

How did your results go? If you feel like you want to discuss how things went, head over to our Forum.

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